Last Days Financial & Retirement Planning

"What are my options for capital preservation and growth if we are heading into the tribulation?"

Try asking that question of your typical bank, financial planner or broker.  You will get a blank stare!

The video below lays out the pros and cons of each of the primary asset classes available for investors from an end times perspective.  I don't believe that investors should be concerned about growth as much as figuring out how to hold onto what they have.  Investors in our life time have never needed to be genuinely concerned about things like;

  • Confiscation
  • Bail ins
  • Capital controls
  • Institutional insolvency
  • Wealth denominated in a currency that no longer exists.
  • Social credit scores and carbon credit scores
  • Social chaos, WW3, one world financial system

Although precious metals in one's own possession represent the most secure store of wealth, it is unrealistic for many investors due to storage challenges.  The next safest storage medium for wealth appears to be Annuities for all of the reasons that I provide in the video below.

I am licensed in most states to provide Annuities.  Call me for a free consult to determine what your best options might be.  

There's no obligation and we can explore all of the options based on your specific situation.  

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 Pros & Cons of all investment options if you're living in the last days 

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"I was looking for a financial advisor who knew we were in the end times and was so grateful to find John. Who else could have helped me?"

Jackie G

"It made sense to move some money into an Annuity because it's insured against any losses but will rise with the markets.  I also have a contract that says they won't confiscate my money which is the opposite of a bank or money market fund.  It was great working with John.  He made the process very easy to follow."

Denise J